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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles stayed on fox business website. now was a good time to go to miami. right now we give you to laurie roth >> good evening i am sitting in for lou dobbs. president obama in fades the enemy is the white house says he will have discussions tomorrow with that castro counterpart at the summit of the americas and panama also will live further america's interest? we take it up. now just two days away from hillary clinton announcing her candidacy for but the former secretary of state will kickoff the campaign with a social media announcement on sunday but there are signs that democrats are yearning for a
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fresh face. and sharp did will descend upon itself carolina despite his daily says they do not want his death turned into a circus. warning folks not to listen to what he calls a professional race agitator. starting with president obama and raul castro speaking by phone at a summit of the america coming on the heels of the administration in removing cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. walter noriega uh joins me now and a scholar at the american enterprise institute. also a journalist in resident at the foundation for a defense of democracy. is this a misguided strategy ? >> yes.
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stunningly. we have received nothing in return and legitimizing the tyrants. >> t think there is some good economically? >> no. absolutely not. the cubans have made additional demands to know the administration will have them over a barrel to have the exchange of ambassadors the deviate's even more from the united states. lori: but the president is intent with cuba? to make that is a doctrine that the idea appears to be fleeing cage then there will become friendlier to become our way but that is not the way the world works as history suggested it isn't working out now. since obama announcement
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just last month from the foreign minister of north korea. to the best of its ability. were they both declare their great friendship and so on and the hostility towards the united states. so it's actually incredibly misguided. >> you have to bring in venezuela as well because obviously human rights issues, this is of incredible concern to many people in the united states. so what message does this send not just to latin america, but to you the united states and the world. >> it has sent a very different message if the united states is really interested in a photo op at this summit in panama that is distracting people from talking about the real problems in the americas, venezuela is a freefall under the corrupt
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mismanagement the brazilian government whose economy is contracting where there is a couple of extraordinarily broad political scandals and they have engulfed the president there. mexico is trying to reform it this agenda because of the corruption that threatens government ability in that country. so we are getting no help from the latins in spite of the fact that we were told a few normalize relations with cuba that they will help but frankly they are not helping at all that these issues. >> is there anyway that normalizing relations will open up business relationships and really improve the quality of life for cubans that would expand into latin america and improve these human rights abuses? >> look cuba has had ample time to trade with the european union and the rest of the world and
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that hasn't fixed this poverty. the problem is the castro regime has a chokehold on that economy. there is a very good chance that the brothers will be strengthened and so on as it they are being promoted by the american president. but will this translate to the people of cuba? that seems not to be on the agenda of the cuban government and it's actually less likely with this kind of celebration of the kind of cuban despotism. >> we thank you for your time. thank you. >> the 2016 presidential race expected to add a new faith hillary clinton. she joins rand paul and ted cruz as the only officially declared contender and the only democrat but she may have some competition in the relatively near future. ed henry has the report.
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>> two democratic sources tell fox that she will announce her second presidential campaign via social media on sunday in a rerun of this video she cut in 2072 look warm and fuzzy on her living room couch three i'm not just starting a campaign, i'm beginning a conversation with you. reporter: except last time that conversation did not start in iowa for a week. in the second episode, her advisers went to get her to the hawkeye state to start engaging one-on-one with voters, though democratic rival martin o'malley has already been here several times and is warning that this will not be a coronation. the former governor suggesting that she is old news. >> i think that history is full of examples where it the front runners are inevitable right up until they are no longer inevitable. what i've heard is that people want to hear the voices of the new leaders and they want a robust debate about the issues
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that the country faces. >> another rival, jim webb jumping on this week's quinnipiac university poll. finding that 49% of voters do not find her trustworthy. >> they are looking for individuals who can say what they believe and be consistent about it rather than massaging the issues to try to get one political safety zone or another. really taking the were risk of leadership and putting them out there, and we have done that my entire political career. >> clinton will also eventually be asked about the fact that the state department general has been asked about serving as a private firm. suggesting that clinton had a weak record of the secretary of state.
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>> her experience as an executive is overseeing the department of state and on some other issues come i don't know where she stands when it comes to rating and reckless behavior on wall street and regulating wall street. >> clinton encountered that the former governor may not have enough experience to be commander-in-chief. but interestingly she has been holed up behind closed doors with top advisers getting boned up on big issues like isis. she hasn't been on the trail in a long time and might be a little bit rest day. lori: as hillary clinton gets ready to announce her republican challengers are the making their case at the national rifle association convention. karl cameron has our report. >> 144th annual national rifle association brought many of the
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presidential field out. >> i wonder what her's slogan will be. she actually gave russia a reset button. >> from nashville a weeklong european train trip. the last was pockmarked by refusal to answer nontrade related questions like is the vision on evolution. many have ratings from the nra including rand paul that also has a rating. >> let's let college students deduct the entire cost of their working careers let's make it entirely deductible. >> this christie was also a no-show. the garden state has added more on his watch and he gives a great see rating. >> i will announce more.
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reporter: they will now compete with hillary clinton's campaign announcement. rubio is expected to say that he will not seek reelection to fully commit to a white house bid, creating a contrast with rand paul. for marco rubio, running against jeb bush amounts to challenge a political mentor who helped them to get a start in florida politics. >> i have a message for the obama administration. why don't you focus more on keeping weapons out of the hands of islamic terrorists and less on keeping weapons out of the hands of law-abiding americans. >> rick santorum is the winner of the 2012 iowa caucus has several standing ovations. one week from tonight the gop president will reconvene in new hampshire. most of the candidates have not decided if they are going to run, but they will be standing under a banner and all of them there are supposed to be
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lori: breaking news emergency officials say they are confident that everyone has been accounted for. and as hillary clinton prepares to announce the presidential bid on sunday, the republican national committee is already pouncing with a new advertisement. have a look at this. >> hillary clinton has some explaining to do. >> millions of dollars. >> what is different at this
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point? >> you're always a little bit secretive. >> here to talk about whether republicans are ready for hillary, mercedes slap and chairman of the american university. thank you so much. >> the numbers have been dropping, showing her in iowa and colorado i think people a little bit like barack obama like the idea of hillary clinton. her numbers actually go up, when they see her with terrible foundations, people see how rickety she is as a candidate and it's very smart.
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>> that is right, it's a wide-open field, at the same time this gives a chance for the republicans to go out and make their case for the republican primary voters as to why they can beat hillary clinton. i would like to say that she's the inevitable democratic candidate. and there's so much on the republican side that i believe that we can find someone who can beat her. >> she was announcing on sunday with some of these early ones. i think she realizes that she has nothing to lose by getting in early and that makes it very clear that these democrats are starting to worry about how weak that she is that she's actually
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going to make this work. and i think that they just want to put all of that to rest and say that she's a candidate. but it is strange that she's not going for the big onstage performance and she's not very good at that. maybe she is just going to send out a tweet. >> marco rubio is a great communicator. definitely is very strong on foreign policy. she should be scared of marco rubio, as well as jeb bush. like i'm saying there's a lot of talent there on the bench. he is announcing the freedom tower, which is an inspirational
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place for a lot of cubans he will be telling the personal story. she is going to talk to the big crowds. >> that is what is going to happen everyone is going to come out. rand paul is talking about the need to fully deduct college costs, we are going to have a vague rousing conversation in the republican primary about ideas and issues, i think it's pretty great for our party. the democrats are going to have this candidate, hillary clinton, albert, you know, the inevitable person to get the nomination of her party and i think it's going to be a great juxtaposition all of the youth in the vigor and the ideas.
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>> i suspect that they are going to try to keep him under close wraps and i have to tell you that bill clinton is a big personality and it's very difficult to tame that lion. >> i like that unpredictable behavior. >> be sure to vote in tonight's poles. do you believe that this helps or hurts hillary clinton's presidential aspirations? another day another secret service scandal. an off duty individual was arrested and charged with attempted her glory and destruction of property. he has been placed on
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administrative leave and had clearance suspended. this comes two days after nato was accused of unwanted sexual advances to a female subordinate. president joe biden has a lengthy history of putting his foot in his mouth and a cobbler's pacifier? well that is exactly what joe biden was caught doing. especially since he isn't related to the cobbler and the boy's mother is obviously not minding. my bag. she posted a picture online with a caption reading, what is a boy to do when the vice presidents deals your pacifier? coming up next a little bit of relief from yemen. citizens caught in the crossfire. we have colonel ralph peters on a country out of control.
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lori: some top international stories that we are following the islamic state expanding its footprint in libya. terrorist controlling airstrips and have more than a dozen training camps in libya. pakistan delivering a blow. pakistani lawmakers voted unanimously to stay out of the conflict area and planes loaded with radley needn't medical aid landed in yemen's capital. it is the first delivery since the campaign started more than two weeks ago. a senior iranian official says that iran is prepared beyond a june 30 deadline to satisfy redlines. the development comes a day after the ayatollah ali khamenei regime accused the obama white
7:27 pm
house of having devilish intentions. my next guest says the obama administration is so desperate for nuclear deals with iran, it's giving the iranian regime a pre-patched in yemen. joining me now, fox news puget analyst ralph peters. great to see you. what are your thoughts on what the u.s. should be doing right now with this in yemen? >> it's not just yemen although that is very important. because the obama administration is so enchanted with the notion of this nuclear deal obama has failed to confront iran in syria, lebanon iraq now in yemen, it and it is a disaster that is all of one piece. but the fundamental problem here is that obama is so desperate that he doesn't recognize that we have an advantage and a
7:28 pm
power. iran needs the steel, we don't need this deal basically we hold a royal flush and i mean if this guy ever got into a game of poker. he would be the only guy in the room. >> okay, you have the u.s. trying to do this in the u.s. is helping them with both hands is this an ultimate power struggle for control of the middle east? nobody can really get a grasp of what is going on. so what do you think the final endgame is and who can control the middle middle east if that is a question that you can answer? >> i mean this is part of a long struggle century upon century.
7:29 pm
the immediate concern is that the salient elements right now is iran trying to reestablish a persian empire of persians. having their first mighty empire 2500 years ago. the other development is related that if the shia versus sunni civil war continues. and then you have the borders. there's level upon level on this. it requires firmness and clarity and the ability to make crisp decisions and where to intervene. obama doesn't bring any of that to the table. the iranians they are brilliant negotiators and we are beggars. for example the statements by the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei, that there's no deal unless sanctions stop. he is playing bad cop.
7:30 pm
the foreign minister gets to play good cop. saying that i'd like to help you out but the big boss says that i can't. they play us brilliantly, they make it up as they go along, basically he is getting another analogy from everyday life, you don't buy a new car by walking into the dealership and telling the salesman that i want that car at any price and that is basically what they have done. >> obviously cuba, we have been discussing the situation in yemen. what do you think of the strategy is? is a keep your friends close and your enemies closer? >> i don't think that there is a coherent strategy but rather obama has prejudices and impulses and their are other things as well. but he comes to the presidency with a deeply ingrained and very
7:31 pm
far left view of foreign policy and yes, he has consistently reached out to our enemies which can not be wise but he has done a poor job and at the same time he has stiff armed and undercutting the trade our friends. if you look at the world and he took office looking at eurasia, russia, taking a look at it today we can never see a presidential administration since that of george washington who is creating such immediate and complex and far-reaching disasters and foreign policy. lori: on that upbeat note, have a good weekend. victims of the 2009 for her terror attack finally receiving an honor and a triple heart ceremony in texas. but the survivors and families lined up to be given a purple
7:32 pm
heart or a freedom medal for their injuries, the ceremony is five years in the making. the obama administration initially described the attack as workplace violence and not terrorism. today's honor is bittersweet for at least one survivor who says the army is denying benefits for injuries sustained in the attack. >> i think it's almost unheard of not combat related. [inaudible] that is not combat related, i think it's just ridiculous. lori: an army spokeswoman tells fox news that this is not a final decision but that he may have to go to a hearing to prove his injuries are combat related. we are coming right back. coming up another apple
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>> lori: a southern california sheriff's placing 10 deputies on paid leave after
7:37 pm
a video surfaced and then using excessive force during a violent arrest he was wanted in the identity theft investigation when he fled by a car and horse. the sheriff said he was disturbed and troubled by the rest in the internal investigation is under way. fox news has obtained documents the there was an active warda on the day he was shot. day owed a total $80,104 of back child support and also jailed three times for this payment. his parents have said their son may have fled the officer because of this. also a new piece of dash kiam video footage shows in getting a lot of the of car to be questioned by the unnamed officer. the reverend al sharpton has been told to stay away from the funeral of scott but
7:38 pm
that isn't stopping him from traveling to speak at a local baptist church. he called for a national law in the tri county fraternal order of police have this message for its members with an open mitt - - letter to not allow the professional race agitators' to seize this moment to have their self-serving opinions of what is wrong in south carolina. do not allow them to be known that the lack of trust by the minority committee or be down the hard-working men and women of the law-enforcement community. joining us now is president of the tri county fraternal order of police. that letter is very clear. saudia view this sad event and you're trying to separate what happened from ferguson? >> absolutely.
7:39 pm
with ferguson and we had in incident where the officer made the shooting was found to be proper procedure and you follow those procedures where north charleston the actions have been reviewed with to of video and he made a court decision that cost mr. scott his life. lori: some people question racism of that was involved. is that a fact? >> vice think in this situation i don't believe race played a role. everybody will stir the pot to make in issue but i don't believe it is the issue here but the officer made a very bad decision and he will have to pay for that decision. lori: you made very clear you do not want the reverend
7:40 pm
involved? >> no need. we don't need outside agitators. we have already seen the police chief and the mayor agreed to open dialogue to discuss the issues. we have a police department over the years has been trying to work with the community through different programs like the citizens police academy and the athletic league with a christmas program to take under privileged children shopping to have christmas presents. they're already trying to make this work we just need to fine-tune it to give the chief and mayor to make this happen. lori: do you think those things would be effective on a national scale? you cannot deny there are serious problems with community police and the people they're hired to protect. >> anytime police
7:41 pm
departments are not transparent it creates distrust but north charleston has been decisive, a transparent and they made the right decision and made them quickly. lori: many have commented how impressed they are how the case was handled. so that alone should set an example to critics to handle these situations. that said the north charleston mayor announced he did order to draw 50 by the cameras is that something you are in favor of? >> i don't think you'll in a police officer doing their job properly will ever have a problem with body cameras. we just ask for a sign out a systematic approach to deploying the. not a knee-jerk reaction we need to be smart as we move forward with policies and procedures for their use. lori: thank you for your
7:42 pm
time. be sure to vote deal believed president clinton helps or hurts hillary clinton's aspirations for president? director north carolina among gets us we surprised revealing the gender of for unborn baby. here she is lending the sex of lot e number seven. [applause] the baby girl is due in august with six older brothers. they have not picked out a name. it officially hits the market the guide its the market next with a simple
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lori: the stocks are closing of the week higher gaining 99 points the s&p up 11 of volume on the big board is a
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3 million shares. the s&p up 1.5% in nasdaq a weekly gains of 2%. beecher to listen to his finance reports three times a day on the salem radio network. the apple store has models of the double what to selling of quickly and is already back ordered into summer. some projected it could sell as many as 40 million this year alone. joining us now is our national tech editor. you brought along of bunch of smart watches how will that apple blige compare? >> i don't have it but i do have other models. these are mostly google leon dried that is the other platform. apple logic is available to check out today but smart watches have been around
7:48 pm
although apple watches will not ship through the. ♪ if. lori: the all look the same their different models but apple watch looks fancy. >> and i have chosen to wear the ones on the google side even then the craftsmanship just quite is in there with the apple watch. they have the aluminum one then stainless steel then of course, the golden edition and apple makes a big deal about the manufacturing process and though watchmakers have come away pretty impressed spirit the price it is charging is a wide range but it is still up there. is that a detriment? >> for sure. none of these cost as much as the cheapest. lori: $349 by the way. and for that model it could
7:49 pm
get pretty high but the regular model that starts at 550 and over 1,000 in this is not even gold. lori: that is 10,000 talking about dash 17,000? >> we know that is a select few. lori: people by rolex so who is that target audience? >> it is across the board. they see this as something for everyone but it is a new product they have never done a jewelery idea to have high and make all trawl luxury brand. we will see a few plays that out for or with love to hear from somebody you ever buys that edition. lori: how practical or they? to read that is the one that started it all. the first one from a kick
7:50 pm
starter project extremely successful that got companies interested. the new technology would become a wearable but this kicked off. lori: will they gain correction - - traction to become as popular as the smart phone? >> i think it will become more common but never as common as a smart phone because it has limited functionality is particular fortifications with an e-mail or a text now you can glance to see who it is it is the delivery guys or all it is my boss. lori: if you have your phone and a watch at a restaurant that is almost more route than sitting plugging away? >> it depends on your
7:51 pm
lifestyle. can you do that? what is more rude to do this or digging it out? in either. we all stopped wearing watches when the smart phones would tell was the time. it is a tough sell to people revisit that day -- that deal thinking i need to things or just to show off the newest gadget. lori: thank you for sharing your opinions. the quotation of the evening from apple co-founder steve jobs. shorting as we. if you can get the apple watch industry and photographer post adorable video showing a call of going into a blissful trance when he receives a belly rub.
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. lori: former president bill clinton reportedly fuming mad at the "new york times" for claiming he's become frail and will play a limited role on his wife's 2016 presidential campaign. bill reportedly telling donors that the times was engaging in creative writing when they published a story describing him as looking older than his 68 years. joining me psychiatrist and member of the fox news medical a-team dr. keith ablow. great to see you. what are your thoughts on bill's behavior of late? >> my thought is i can see why he'd be angry. his wife's prospects hinge in some measure on his vigorous contributions to the campaign, and the psychological stance of the american public that if this woman was to win, let's say she did. i would venture it's as much to put bill clinton back in the white house as hillary clinton. undistinguished secretary of state undistinguished senator mostly i would say what people
7:57 pm
look forward, to potentially is her husband's return, if she were to win. lori: some people suggest bill clinton may be afraid of being overshadowed by hillary. she would be the first follow president of the united states and he would have just been some democrat who served between some republicans who's claim to fame is the lewinsky scandal. >> there would be those who assume that the ex-president would say he's been overshadowed. personally i think if you strip away all of the untruths here what you have is somebody elected to the united states senate and who becomes secretary of state, because she was, well the president's wife. i don't see what else she did necessarily, that would have led her to those offices. lori: lot of buzz over this new book, talking about the secret relationship between bill and hillary especially while bill was in office, and the heist scandal she took a book and
7:58 pm
cracked bill's head. what does that tell you -- fast-forward, do you think bill, who took a prominent role in 2008 it would make sense to combat that kind of role? >> absolutely. the most if i were running that campaign, again, looking at the psyche of the american people, i would make it very clear as clear as i could, that you get two for one, that this man is ready to lead again because frankly i don't think people are convinced his wife can do that. you know senator clinton you know secretary of state clinton hillary clinton whatever up to the call her has not really distinguished herself. lori: sure let me move onto rand paul. sorry to cut you off. do you want to finish your statement? >> i feel she needs backup. lori: fair point. i agree with you. rand paul announced plans to run and did a slew of interviews with women and came off as testy, thin skinned,
7:59 pm
what are your thoughts why that's happening, do you think he has apathy toward women? >> i don't think so i don't think the camera is disclosing some antipathy that rand paul has for women. his personality, which can be contentious looks more contentious with a female interviewer. maybe he needs training in that regard because you don't get anything good for seeming to be irrasible. you can be firm but if, in fact, after all these years in front of the camera senator paul is still having trouble seeming to be a gentleman, it's immediate training exercise. i don't think his heart is bad in anyway, i don't think he has it in for women. i think it's simply his personality female interviewer people are feeling some kind of mismatch but not bad intention. lori: dr. ablow fun chat. have a good weekend. >> take care.
8:00 pm
lori: online poll results last night we asked you -- that does it for us tonight i'm lori rothman, thank you for joining us have a wonderful weekend. good night. >> is the cost of screaming about to leave you screaming? thanks to the fcc you could be hit with big fees. we have the details coming up. top story, hillary is running to the far left? good evening. i'm tom sullivan in for neil cavuto and hillary clinton set to kick off white house run sunday. and senator liz warren pushing to expand social security, if she wins in 2016 but with the social security disability fund set to run dry in 2016 yes next year tax analyst ann mitchell says we don't have the money to expand anything. dan the disability funds next year but the regular retirement fund is


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